MIAMI, FL – July 27, 2020 – Establishing financial strategy, managing accounts and finding competitive opportunities is what one thinks of when imagining the work day of a Director of Finance; but, while IMC Health Director of Finance Carolina M. Veira does indeed perform these duties in her day-to-day, she also makes sure to pour some of her time and energy into philanthropic work. And that is what makes her a one-of-a-kind executive.

With the full support of the IMC Health management team and the organization Hispanic Star Miami, of which she is the leader and proud ambassador, the Pembroke Pines resident has spearheaded various community service projects by forming partnerships between national and local companies and organizations to bring much needed resources to people in need.

“The support I have gotten from IMC Health for my initiatives has been amazing,” said Veira. “I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve allowed me to do and the support they have given me in terms of allowing employees to volunteer their time and the use of all their resources – like their vans for transportation and their warehouse for storing and sorting the items. On top of that, they are so appreciative of the work we are doing and that’s what keeps me going.”

This time Veira has brought together the forces of IMC Health and Hispanic Star Miami in a partnership with commercial goods giants P&G and PepsiCo, as well as the organizational and financial support of Matthew 25 Ministries, to distribute care packages filled with basic necessities such as diapers, feminine products, toiletries and laundry detergent to IMC Health Medicaid and Medicare patients, members of the South Florida community, as well as farmworker families in Homestead.

“We are donating products to our IMC Health members who have tremendous needs due to their advanced age and financial situation,” said Veira. “Additionally, we are giving back to our community by also donating these products to essential farmworker families, who have been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and yet continue to work hard to keep food in our stores and on our tables.”

The organizations received 40 palettes of donated personal hygiene items from P&G and snacks and refreshments from PepsiCo, which are being packaged on July 16 for distribution to 20,000 families; including essential farm worker families in Homestead and low-income Medicaid and Medicare members of IMC Health across South Florida. 

“I am committed to enriching the lives of minorities and those less fortunate, and will continue looking for opportunities to work for the community and connect IMC Health to various initiatives where we can highlight how we are committed to giving back,” said Veira. “I am inspired by many leaders in our community, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals taking action and making a positive impact in others. Together we can create opportunities for others, especially in difficult times like these.”

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